Is digital marketing different from digital advertising?

Digital MarketingDigital Advertising
If you see any form of marketing online, it is digital marketing.If you see an ad on the internet, it is called digital advertising.
There are six types of digital marketing:i) Search engine optimization (SEO)ii)) Social Media Marketing (SMM)iii) Content Marketingiv) Email and Mobile Marketingv) Affiliate Marketingvi) Online advertisingThere are three types of digital advertising:i)   Pay-per-click (PPC) adsii)  Display adsiii) Social ads
Digital Marketing is a broader term and it starts from the moment you share a business idea. The marketing mix comes into place.Digital Advertising is a subset of Digital Marketing. It is one part of the marketing mix.
Digital marketing is a process.Digital Advertising is an activity in the process.
Digital marketing is strategic in involves long term plans and decision-making.Digital Advertising is tactical in nature. Tactics involve a short-term plan and means to achieve the desired goals.
 Digital Marketing builds brand and brand image. A well-defined plan and strategy help to build a brand from a long term point of view.Digital Advertising creates brand awareness. It generates traffic and promotes a brand or a little push to sales.
Digital Marketing has a large number of tools and techniques to get their business to customers like blogs, videos, whitepaper, infographic, content management, website and moreDigital Advertising is a tool in the Digital marketing toolbox.
Digital Marketing is based on audience psychology. It understands the target audience and creates a buyer persona.Digital Advertising is more sales-driven and focuses on a particular segment of the target audience that can be reached through ads.